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At Elite Coaching Institute (ECI), we believe every leader has the potential to be above average and we work with individuals to determine their maximum capacity; beyond the status quo. ECI provides a variety of unique services to equip leaders to be successful in any role within an organization. Services are customized to meet the client’s need and will improve leadership effectiveness which ultimately positively impacts the organization’s bottom-line. ECI combines fun, creativity and in some cases, unorthodox actions with professionalism and respect to ensure each client’s experience is rewarding and potential is maximized. ECI wants each client to have an earthshattering experience wherein their leadership capacity is forever changed for the better; thereby, cultivating leadership skills and abilities demonstrated through improved performance.

James Simmons

Leadership coach | HR expert | Strategic partner

James takes a direct, results-driven approach to leadership coaching and leadership development, working with a broad band of leaders from aspiring leaders to C-suite executives. His coaching philosophy focuses on maximizing authenticity, building emotional intelligence and resiliency & endurance – all essential for effective, transformational leadership.

James’ holistic approach to leadership coaching helps individuals increase their power to positively effect change in an organization as they become better leaders, experience greater personal satisfaction and confidence, and take full advantage of their unique talents and expertise. He helps senior leaders develop self-awareness, identify patterns of behavior, and uncover opportunities to radically improve performance and results.

“Leadership is a lifestyle“

James has over a decade of experience providing leadership and direction for strategic human capital initiatives in cabinet-level agencies within the federal government. His portfolio spans the full spectrum of the Human Capital Lifecycle to include: systems evaluation and improvement, performance management, strategic workforce and succession planning, leader and employee development, and talent management. Specific programs within his purview are senior executive management, human resources operations, employee and labor relations, learning and development, and human capital policy and accountability; impacting over 40,000 federal employees across the nation.

James is both creative and analytical – a problem solver and a strategic thought partner. He is a strong and passionate collaborator with a calming presence which is greatly valued in his leadership coaching role as well as in the federal government’s ever-changing, demanding environment.

James completed the Excellence in Government Program sponsored by the Partnership for Public Service in 2015 and attended the Leadership for a Democratic Society at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Executive Institute in 2016. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Georgia State University, a Master’s of Public Administration from Kennesaw State University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Leadership & Government Management from Tennessee Temple University.

James is certified by the International Coach Federation through Georgetown University’s Executive Leadership Certificate Program.

ECI Values


Representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself


Covering or including; open to everyone; not limited to certain people and treating everyone fairly


A major change in form, nature, or function


The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s leadership position to include claiming applicable privileges and authority

Embracing Differences

Understanding each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to accepting and celebrating the rich dimensions of diversity contained within each individual.


(mind, body, spirit)

When there is harmony among the three dimensions of our lives: body, mind, and spirit

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