3 ways to keep your leadership capacity off life support

I was watching cable news the other day and heard a comment from a political commentator that struck a chord with me. He indicated how one of the competing tragedies during this pandemic beyond thousands of people losing their lives is FAILED leadership. The material effects and emotional damage run deep whereby the necessary energy […]

5 essentials for leaders of color’s toolkits during the quarantine

Similar to safety kits that are good to keep nearby in the event of an unforeseen emergency, leadership toolkits are paramount to surviving quarantine without a blemish. Furthermore, what’s in your kit matters a great deal. Now is a good time to take inventory and assess those elements that are vital during these uncertain times.  […]

Introspective lessons for leaders, compliments of COVID-19

Like most, the pandemic brought normal routines and activities to a screeching halt. Distance became a necessity to slow the spread of the virus, which left most of us in isolation and victims of our own imaginations. What better time to initiate a personal check-in. The below questions are helpful to ponder while looking in […]

5 Ways to secure leadership equity

In this current climate, where racial inequalities are at the fore-front, it is easy to misconstrue other subtleties that are often overlooked or unnoticed when the wind blows and leadership becomes the topic of discussion. It becomes second nature to give companies who hire a person of color as the diversity officer a favorable nod […]

4 tips for black male leaders post George Floyd’s killing

Following the public lynching of George Floyd, like many others, I was in utter shock and disbelief. Unfortunately, I had grown immune to the senseless killings of black men by the hands of a police officer, but this one hit differently. Watching the grimace on the cop’s face as he rested his knee on George […]