Introspective lessons for leaders, compliments of COVID-19

Introspective lessons for leaders, compliments of COVID-19

Like most, the pandemic brought normal routines and activities to a screeching halt. Distance became a necessity to slow the spread of the virus, which left most of us in isolation and victims of our own imaginations. What better time to initiate a personal check-in. The below questions are helpful to ponder while looking in the mirror literally or figurately. What was the impact on your leadership? When in person meetings were no longer the norm and virtual meetings became the sole source of handling business, how did this change impact you emotionally? When responsibilities between home and work overlapped, how did you manage? When the routine practices that once brought you so much joy ceased overnight, do you remain fulfilled in your leadership role? What blind spots emerged for you as a result of limited access to people or systems when your regular office setting was no longer readily accessible? Did insecurities creep in? If so, what are they? Call them out by name.

What have you observed about yourself during this quarantine time? How will you apply these lessons to become a better leader? Who genuinely checked on you as a person of color and a leader? Did you check on your fellow leaders of color? If not, why not?

As in any situation, it pays to make lemonade our lemons. I encourage you to use this opportunity to observe and explore new approaches to improve your leadership effectiveness. Reflecting on the above questions will certainly offer assistance as you journey along the path. Quarantine and the pandemic won’t last forever. Your goal should be to look back on this moment with gratitude not an attitude – appreciative of the opportunity it afforded you to become a better leader.

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